Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Sock Drawer Organizer

My sock drawer was a disaster. I had more socks without mates than not, and other miscellaneous "stuff" found their way in there too.

The before shot. Sad, right?

 So yesterday, I took the time to take action and I came up with a crafty solution that I think is going to work for me, and I am going to show you how I did it, step by step!

First you're going to have to get some sturdy material to construct the dividers, I used a couple of plastic signs that I had put aside (used ones, so bonus recycling!) and also Contact paper to pretty things up.

I measured the drawer for inside length/ width and height, and decided how many cells I could get for the size of my drawer which measured 15" x 13" x 3",  so I figured 5 cells going across and 5 down would be perfect.

So next, I set to work on the plastic board, I cut 4 strips for both sizes (15"x 3" and 13" x 3"), 8 strips in total. 
And then I measured the half horizontal point on each board, and marked that in ink. I then marked my 4 points for the cells (15/3= every 3 inches, 13/5 = every 2.16 inches).

The next step was to cut the notches where I had marked for the cells, make sure you cut generous notches so the finished pieces fit together easily, like so:

Because I had some Contact paper leftover from another project I was able to cover the strips, and I found that the best way was to wrap the Contact paper completely around the piece, so both edges (upper and lower) would look finished; the ends of the strips did not matter so much because the would be tight against the inside of the drawer, so they are not visible. I felt with my fingers for the pre-cut notches and cut through the Contact paper. 

Almost done, now to fit the strips together, I just lined up the notches and everything came together very quickly:

And here is the finished product! No more searching for socks, I know what I have at a glance and I will not collect any more socks than I have room for in the drawer. I think this is going to work well, so much so that I plan to do the same thing for my underwear drawer. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks! This was a good go-by and very helpful for me. I used this how-to to make a cubby organizer for my pantry so I could store my jars vertically, lids facing forward. Before, the containers were standing 2 to 3 deep. Now, I can see all the jars I have, and can take them out without reshuffling everything.